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A large majority of food today comes from shelves and bags. They are loaded with preservatives, stabilizers and long lists of ingredients many of us have never heard of. Nutrient dense foods have been replaced by fast foods filled with artificial flavors made to trick our brains into thinking we are eating the foods our bodies are craving. The result is a long list of gut issues, auto-immune diseases, skyrocketing cases of obesity and diabetes, and other negative side effects that have directly been linked to our bodies being malnourished.

America is guilty of taking an industry as invaluable as food and turning it into a money-driven, convenience- focused industry that has lost consideration for the effect on the human body.


Is it even possible for someone in America to avoid this problem and eat only meals made using food from “innocent” sources?

My wife and I decided to find out.


Following the birth of our first daughter, my wife, Lindsay, and I challenged ourselves to eat only "innocent foods" for 3 months.

We will be journaling how we feel/sleep/think during those 3 months in a challenging time of welcoming a small human into the world. We will be getting blood tests to understand our baseline health before and measure any changes to our health following the experiment.

I will be forming partnerships with various farms and companies that practice within the guidelines of essentially eating foods the way our ancestors did before we industrialized the food industry.

What are Innocent Foods?

We are defining innocent foods as ones that are withouT synthetic ingredients and processes.


  • Truly organic (much of "organic" food isn't actually)
  • No synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals
  • Free of Glyphosate (aka RoundUp, a harmful chemical used for killing weeds and as a drying agent for crops)
  • Ideally harvested within a week from a local trusted farmer
  • Second best is organic certified in a grocery store, but you have no idea how long it's been since harvesting
  • Everything is local and seasonal


  • 100% pasture raised, grass fed, grass finished beef
  • Chickens 100% raised in mobile coop that graze pastures without a corn or soy supplemental feed - for both meat and eggs.
  • Pasture raised heritage pigs
  • Wild caught fish (not farm raised)


  • Made with 100% organic flour/glyphosate Free
  • No enriched flours
  • Only ingredients are flour, water, salt
  • Naturally leavened


  • Only olive oil, ghee, butter for cooking oils
  • All spices are organic
  • Only organic A2 dairy
  • Packaged foods follow above guidelines, 99% organic, no preservatives



  • Prove that eating "innocent foods" can drastically change our health and fix a lot of the gut/brain fog/sleep/weight/other issues that we as a society regularly struggle with.


  • Prove that eating this way can be affordable.
  • Prove that this can be reasonably convenient even in busy peoples' lives
  • Prove that people can know where their food comes from once again


First run following Lindsay and I on this protocol will be on IG and TikTok. After the trial run I plan to cast additional families and seek broader distribution.


To create a lasting solution for people to build connection and trust with local farmers (like we did centuries ago) and eat the majority of their meals using "innocent foods".












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Products that I buy and trust.

Dairy: A2 Milk, heavy cream, yogurt, etc.

All of their products feature 100% A2 cow's milk. A lot of their products are VAT pasteurized to ensure as many of the beneficial enzymes are present.


Their eggs are truly 100% pasture raised in mobile coops. Certified organic and without any soy or corn feed.

Sweet potato chips cooked in non-refined oils.

Their chips are made with very clean and simple ingredients and are delicious. Please note they do not currently have an organic certification.

Non Toxic Cleaning Products

A multi-purpose, eco-friendly cleaning solution used for any cleaning job when diluted with water. Fragrance free. Plant and mineral based. Simple ingredients that you have heard of.

Olive oil.

Both are single sourced olives. Graza has two products, one that is meant for cooking and are known for transparency. Kasandrinos tastes incredible and has an Organic Certification.





"Flavor factories churn out chemical desire. We spray, squirt, and inject hundreds of millions of pounds of those chemicals on food every year, and then we find ourselves surprised and alarmed that people keep eating. We have become so talented at soaking our food in fakeness that the leading cause of preventable death – smoking – bears a troubling resemblance to the second leading cause of preventable death – obesity.”

Mark Schatzker

Author of

The Dorito Effect

"In the 21st century our tastes buds, our brain chemistry, our biochemistry, our hormones and our kitchens have been hijacked by the food industry."

Mark Hyman, M.D.

Doctor and AUTHOR


I am a film producer and former supervising producer at NBCUniversal Television. I have produced documentaries, features, and commercials over the past 15 years, with a passion for telling stories of purpose and positive impact. Most recently, I was the producer for "EMANUEL," the award winning documentary feature about the Charleston Church massacre, Executive Produced by Academy Award Winner Viola Davis and NBA star Stephen Curry.

After over a decade of gut health issues, I started making naturally leavened organic sourdough pizza and bread at home. Though I felt better when I consumed my own creations, my gut health issues persisted leading me to pursue healthier food options across the board. I discovered a broken food system and developed a deeply rooted passion to fix it and lead myself and others towards "innocent foods".


Past film work HERE and IMDB.

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